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The Face of the Hotel

Young and uneducated, finding a job was difficult Sammy. Yet, the hotel owner wasn’t looking for a college grad or even a high school grad, when he was filling his open doorman position. He needed someone who could simply open a door with a smile. But Sammy provided more than a smile.

Sammy came with those eyes. Those kind eyes.

Little did the owner know those eyes would become the face of his hotel. Travelers, patrons, and tenured guests all knew the establishment by the friendly boy welcoming them at the front door. The boy with the kind eyes.

The owner was a good business man and knew how to utilize his newly found commodity. Sammy’s face was soon plastered on billboards and posters to advertise the business. This way, everyone could see the boy’s features.

Those eyes, and his half-cocked smile. Both were synonymous. The corner of Sammy’s mouth arched to one side as if trying to convey a superiority. But no one paid attention to that feature. And how could they when the devilish grin was overshadowed by those eyes.

If you were to ask the guests or anyone else who had the privilege of ogling Sammy’s best asset, you’d get various responses.

It’s the twinkle in them.

It’s their color.

Perhaps some would say it’s what lay behind them, a potentially gentle soul whose only purpose was to cast comfort and support to those who only stopped to look.

Years past and the owner thought it wise to use the face of his hotel in a new manner. He promoted Sammy to bellhop. This way, Sammy could use his prime years to haul guest’s luggage to their rooms and perhaps score extra cash in tips.

Sammy didn’t mind. He welcomed the move in fact. This way he could spend more time getting to know each guest. And the guests didn’t seem to mind either. Though Sammy wasn’t there to welcome them at the door, he was awaiting them within. After all, this way they got more time to linger at those eyes.

Before long, Sammy was designated as the lead bellhop of the more “well-to-do” side of the hotel. A promotion which overjoyed the higher class, but left the middle class wanting.

Having people upset with him wasn’t something Sammy enjoyed. So, to please the masses, he worked both sections and helped where he could. The days were long, but he didn’t mind. As long as he was able to meet new people and share his greatest feature.

Now in his sixties, Sammy is still at it.

“Good evening, Miss Margarete.” Sammy tipped his head to the hotel lifer a she entered the revolving door.

Her frame brittle and hunched, it took every effort for Miss Margarete to lift her head and gaze upon Sammy. Her eyes dilated as if gazing upon an old friend. She smiled, bearing her false teeth. “Always good to see you, Sammy,” the eighty-year-old slurred.

“Allow me to get those for you.” Sammy offered his debonair grin as he picked up Miss Margarete’s bags; a large purse and a brown shopping bag. “I’m guessing you had an eventful day, huh Miss?”

“You know I love my clothes.” She nodded. Miss Margarete was draped with her typical evening dress. Tonight, it was black along with flats to go with it. She sparkled with matching gold jewelry from her earrings, necklace, and to her bracelets.

“And your frosting,” Sammy added.

She chose to jingle her bracelets instead of a cordial response.

“You’ve been on your feet all day, let me get you a chair and I’ll wheel you up to your room, Miss Margarete.”

With her head back down, her feet scuttled across the carpet. “How about I race you to the elevator instead?”